Wait List Application

Begin with this form - if there is a wait to get into the appropriate room, it will secure you a place in line. 

  • A $35 deposit along with this form will put you ahead of those who have not paid and will count as part of the Registration Fee. Should you choose to not pay the $35 deposit, you will have an opportunity to enroll your child once the priority list depletes.
  • There are several levels of care available (5 days, 3 days, or 2 days per week). You may indicate more than one enrollment schedule, but if you are offered and decline any enrollment schedule you have checked, your child's name will be deleted or go to the bottom of the waiting list for all enrollment schedules.
  • You may notify us anytime before you are offered an opening to indicated changes in enrollment or preferred start date.  Also, please remember to notify us of changes in your phone numbers and/or address.

While no payment is required when you fill out this application, choosing to make a payment through PayPal will speed up your application process.  Please select the appropriate application fee when you are done filling out the application, type your name where it is asked, and click on the "Buy Now" button. 

Fees can also be paid at the Loving Arms office through check or credit card, or by check through the mail.

Print out a paper copy of the Wait List Application.

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