Learning Experiences:

The program at Loving Arms Child Care Center includes learning experiences appropriate to the developmental level of our children. These experiences are designed to develop a positive self-image, social interaction skills, self-expression skills, communication skills, creative expression, large and small muscle skills, intellectual and spiritual growth. This program also includes a balance of active, quiet, individual and group activities. 

Objectives of LACCC:                            


  • To develop large and fine motor skills
  • To improve good health and grooming habits
  • To care for one's own personal needs                    
  • To develop good nutrition habits


  • To be able to follow directions
  • To increase attention skills
  • To develop a positive approach toward learning
  • To develop a curiosity about the world God made
  • To develop effective language skills
  • To develop the ability to think critically


  • Demonstrate appropriate ways to express feelings
  • To develop self-control and self discipline
  • To develop personal initiative


  • To develop independence
  • To develop positive social skills
  • To develop an understanding and respect for cultural diversity
  • To develop respect for one's own rights as well as the rights of others


  • To know what Jesus has done for us
  • To live a God-pleasing life because of what Jesus has done for us
  • To share the Good News of what Jesus has done for us with others

Parent Handbook:

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