Family Daily Checklist

  1. Assure your children that you love them.
  2. Provide them with opportunities to talk with you about things in general, or about activities in school, and in particular about lessons, books, and projects.
  3. Take time to read to the younger ones each evening before bedtime. Classics and Bible stories are excellent.
  4. Help them to stick to some type of daily schedule or routine for homework, memory work, television watching, home responsibilities, etc.
  5. Take time to review the day with the child.
  6. Make sure they get plenty of rest each night. At least eight hour are needed for healthy bodies and minds.
  7. Be an example of the type of personality you desire for your children.
  8. Provide an opportunity for your children to develop a spiritual faith that they can rely on during difficult growing years and to fall back on when Mom and Dad are no longer available for guidance.