Basic Bible Time Truths

Here is a list of basic truths that you will want your young child to eventually learn in order to understand God’s story of salvation. Keep the list in a convenient place for reference and look for opportunities to talk about and review these bible time truths with your child.

  • God made the world and everything in it, including the first people, Adam and Eve.
  • God made Adam and Eve perfect and holy, like Him. They did not do bad things.
  • God gave Adam and Eve a beautiful garden home where they could live with Him.
  • God gave them this rule: “Do not eat from the tree in the middle of the garden.” God gave them the rule so that they could show God they loved Him by obeying it.
  • The devil is a bad angel whom hates God. The devil wants to spoil everything good. The devil knew that if Adam and Eve ate from the tree in the middle of the garden, they would sin and die. The devil wanted Adam and Eve to live with him, not God.
  • The devil came to the garden to trick Adam and Eve. The devil told Eve that if she ate from the tree in the middle of the garden, she would be wise like God.
  • Eve listened to the devil and ate some of the fruit. She gave some to Adam, and he ate it too.
  • This was the first time people did something God told them not to do. When people do something bad, we call it sin. This was a very sad day. Adam and Eve had sinned. The result of sin is death and living with the devil.
  • God doesn’t want anyone to go away from Him to live with the devil. God made a plan to save Adam and Eve and us too. God promised to send His Son, Jesus, to take our place. Jesus came to earth as a little baby. Jesus lived on earth for us and never sinned. This means that Jesus never did one bad thing – not even one time. Then Jesus took the punishment for the sins of all people when He died on the cross.
  • Then something wonderful happened. Jesus did not stay dead. Jesus became alive again!
  • God teaches us about Jesus in His word, the Bible. Through His Word the Holy Spirit leads us to believe in Jesus. People who believe that Jesus died to save them from sin and the devil will always live with Jesus – here on earth and then forever in Heaven when they die.